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Flying Wheels is a skatebord brand founded in 2003 in Bayonne (bask country), they want to offer the best products at the best price, for passionate skateboarders. The brand has a lot of cruisers, longboards, and downhill skates. The long ballad sessions along the ocean, sharing longboard friends inspire them every day, their skate decks are designed with Canadian maple plywood and several stiffness levels are available according to your wishes. 

Always at the forefront of technology and innovations, discover the surf skates that will provide you similar sensations as surfing. They are equipped with a double axis of rotation front truck which will allow you to realize big and precise turns. There are two others technologies for their skateboards, "the ultra closed angle" they are trucks with a large rotation angle that will allow you to increase kinetic pumping effect to go forward without having to step on the floor. The "single pivot trucks" are designed to be fixed on cruisers, they provide a comfortable turning sensation and have a great classic retro look. 

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Showing 1 - 47 of 47 items