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Venon surfboard has been producing boards since 2008 and continue to grow and innovate today. Venon produces and creates many kinds of boards using lots of different materials.

The shapers crew is composed by Jason Flanagan, an Australian who has shaped boards for some of the world's best surfers, be it icons like Tom Curren, Michel Bourez and Owen wright, he invented carbon and bamboo's boards. The other shaper is a french guy, he's called Alain Minvielle and creates since 30 years unique surfboards which combine elegance and performance. He designed some of Edouard Delpero's surfboard, the vice-champion of France 2011 and 2013 shortboard. The third magician is a french shaper again, Thierry Sansoube shaped custom boards since 1977 as the Edouard Delpero's fishboard and many others like guns.

Venon use over some model the PU technology: Polyester/ Polyurethane. The PU technology use traditional materials and laminating techniques to produce a strong, reliable surfboard with high quality finishes. It uses UV resistant polyester resin, 4oz fiberglass, a laminated wood stringer and high density polyurethane core. 

The other technology used by Venon is cXb : Carbon Bamboo. The Carbon Bamboo combines the flex and buoyancy of epoxy with the strength and stiffness of carbon and bamboo. The surf board is not only eco friendly but it offers great responsiveness thanks to its parabolic carbon rails. This construction is the perfect mixture of lightness, strength and performance ! It uses UV resistant polyester resin, a 0,6 mm bamboo layer stuck between two 4oz fiberglass layers, one laminated wood stringer and high density EPS core.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items