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Do you want an advice ? Discover the Sniper Bodyboard models, there must be one that suits you ! 

Sniper bodyboard is a French brand founded in 2000 which has established itself in the world of bodyboarding thanks to a constant search of innovation (infinity flex, nose support, iss stringer...) and a legendary team with Amaury Lavernhe, Fred Compagnon and Alex Uranga. In 2017, Sniper proposed a little freshness with a new logo, limited series and the eternal classics. Every kind of bodyboards is proposed by Sniper, from the novice board for beginners to models used by professionals. Boards are intended for men but women as well, ladies range have been set up with a wide choice of models, all more aesthetic and performant. 

Find the Sniper bodyboards available in PE, PP and NRG construction but also, leashes, covers, plugs and others accessories to boost your ride. 

Construction PE : High density closed cell foam, soft and easy-to-use.

Construction PP : Lower density open cell foam, extra stiffness, warm to tropical waters.

Construction NRG : Low density open cell foam, improved resilience, cold waters.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items